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Dialect Coach

I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area of California and have been living in London, working as an actor and director, for a decade. I have a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University, where I trained in a wide variety of accents and dialects, using the International Phonetic Alphabet as a foundation and drawing on the Linklater technique to flesh out vocal technique.

I specialize in teaching US American dialects, including "General American", Deep South, New York, and just about any other found on the continent.


Whether you are after one-on-ones over Zoom or in-person for audition preparation or just want to brush up, I'm happy to tailor my sessions to your needs. I've also taught in a group setting to a cast of 50+ over the course of a rehearsal period.


One-on-One -  £40/hr.

Group - Starting from £100/session dependent on the requirements of the job. Please contact me for a quote.

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