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I started to train in clowning and circus arts from the age of six and quickly moved on to Shakespeare, debuting professionally in Richard III with the California Shakespeare Festival at age eleven.

Since graduating from the acclaimed drama school at Boston University, I have worked on numerous commercials and featured in TV and film across Europe and the US, including a collaboration with Jesse Eisenberg and Richard Ayoade on the feature film, The Double.


My most recent work includes guest-starring in Armando Ianucci's Avenue 5 on HBO/Sky and playing the role of Rick in BBC One's Hold the Sunset, alongside comedy legends Alison Steadman and John Cleese. 


I  am currently based in London, where I perform in and direct immersive theatre, collaborating extensively with Secret Cinema, as well as developing my own work.


The actor playing Jesse Eisenberg's double had to be really good. And ours was. He is called Andrew Gruen and he acted opposite Jesse for the whole film - he was a great person to have on set - a great actor - and it was one of the most important parts to cast.

- Richard Ayoade, Director

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